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Nail Surgery

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Our podiatrists will initially assess the toenails to identify the best possible treatment option. If the ingrown toenail is minor, a simple conservative nail trimming may be sufficient. However, in scenarios where the ingrown toenail is quite severe or a repeated issue, a minor nail surgery is required. This is the most effective treatment option and is highly likely to provide a permanent solution to ingrown toenails.

Nail surgery, also known as a Partial or Total Nail Avulsion, is a procedure performed under local anaesthetic to remove a portion or all of the nail permanently. It is considered to be a very minor procedure and can be performed at any of our regular clinics by our trained podiatrists. No stitches are required and you will be back to your normal activities in no time. 

Will the procedure be painful?

Nail surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic (LA) to allow your toe to be completely numb during the procedure. A small sting from the LA needle is the most pain you should experience. 

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