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clinical podiatry

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Our podiatrists can provide a range of clinical podiatry care including comprehensive neurovascular foot assessments and various treatments. All age groups can benefit from aspects of clinical podiatry, whether its a once off treatment or regular ongoing care. 


CORNS and callus

Hard thickened areas of skin that form due to an increase of pressure or friction. 

fungal nails

A common condition that effects over 10% of the population. Changes the nail shape, thickness and integrity. 

Cracked heels

A typically painful condition resulting in hard thickened heel callus which cracks open due to constant pressure and dryness.


A task that may become difficult for you to manage safely on your own. Perhaps due to pathological nail conditions, diabetes, or age. 

ingrown toenails

May be a once off or ongoing painful issue. Can be managed both conservatively or surgically.

tinea pedis

A common dermatological condition typically referred to as "Athletes Foot".


Diabetes foot assessment

A comprehensive assessment of neurological sensation, vascular supply, footwear, and foot care. Performed annually to determine your risk of developing complications related to feet and diabetes.

biomechanical assessment

A comprehensive assessment involving an examination of the lower limbs and their structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses. 

neurovascular foot assessment

A comprehensive assessment of neurological sensation and vascular supply to your feet and lower legs.

Who would benefit from a clinical podiatry appointment? 

Children, adults, and elderly would all benefit from a clinical podiatry appointment with Your Podiatrist. Whether its corns, callus, ingrown toenails, warts, or diabetes foot care - Your Podiatrist can help with it all. 

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