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Biomechanical and Gait Analysis


Abnormal foot biomechanics are a major contributing factor in the development of pain and injury in the feet, ankles, knees and legs. Our experienced podiatrists are trained to detect biomechanical abnormalities that may be the cause of your pain or may predispose you to injury.

A biomechanical assessment and gait analysis incorporates a comprehensive evaluation of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs while standing and during walking. The information gained from these assessments helps our Podiatrist’s to tailor the most effective treatment program for your specific needs.

This individualized approach to assessment and treatment provides effective, targeted and prompt recovery from injury and relief of painful symptoms.

what thi s involves

Alignment of the foot, ankle, knee and leg
Joint flexibility including screening for Joint Hypermobility
Balance and stability tests
Visual gait analysis
Foot and leg muscle strength testing – to detect muscle imbalances and weakness
Screening for limb length discrepancy
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