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Toe Walking


Toe walking is a condition where a child doesn’t weight bear on the heel of their foot – walking on ‘tip toes’. It is very common condition amongst children under 3 as they are learning to walk. 


Sometimes there can be an underlying reason for why your child is toe-walking, this can be investigated by a podiatrist and can help to rule out any cause for concern.

Common causes toe walking are habitual/idiopathic, autism, severs (heel pain), cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and global developmental delay.

Problems that may develop due to toe walking

may include: 

> Heel bone narrows and foot posture changes

> Child is unstable and falls over more frequently

> Increased frequency of injury

> Knee instability

> Lower back pain

> Shortening of the calf muscle

> Postural concerns

> Difficulty adapting to wearing footwear


may include: 

> footwear modifications

> stretching and strengthening exercises

> gait plates

> orthotic therapy

> foot mobilisation

> load and activity management

> dry needling

> Splinting/casting – podiatrist would refer to appropriate practitioner if this path was required

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