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Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown toenails occur when a sharp corner of the toenail curves downward and grows into the skin, usually at the side of the nail. The digging in of the nail irritates the skin creating pain, redness and swelling.

They can occur due to improper nail cutting techniques and genetic nail pathologies. May result in the area becoming infected if left untreated. 


may include: 


> removal of spike, nail edge and/or dry skin causing ingrown toenail​

> done as pain free as possible, however if it is causing any distress your podiatrist is able to administer a local anaesthetic to assist your pain relief

> an antiseptic and dressing may be applied to assist the healing process


> if an ingrown toenail has been a reoccurring problem for you, your podiatrist may recommend having a procedure to permanently remove a section of the nail

> nail surgery can be performed in our clinic under local anaesthetic by one of our qualified podiatrists – no stitches required with minimal recovery time

> designed to prevent the offending nail edge from growing back and causing any further problems

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