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Custom Made Orthotics


Custom made orthotics are medically designed foot inserts prescribed by our podiatrists to improve your foot function and lower leg biomechanics. They are designed to support the natural shape of your foot, align the ankle and improve posture and overall function.


As every patient is different, each pair of custom orthotics will be specifically designed for your feet to help improve your foot health and ensure you receive the best possible outcome. 


Orthotics can be used for a large variety of conditions and also as a preventative tool to avoid ankle and foot problems in the future.

what conditions are orthotics used for?

  • Step 1: Initial foot and ankle assessment

  • Step 2: Biomechanical Examination and GAIT analysis

  • Step 3: Orthotic Prescription:

    • At Your Podiatrist we use Swiss designed Orthema technology to scan and produce our orthotics.

    • Orthema is the next generation of CAD/CAM foot orthotic fabrication systems, and it is recognized as a world leader in the foot orthotic industry – We are very lucky to have access to this incredible system here in the South East!

    • A digital 3D scan is taken of your foot in a semi-weight bearing position to best replicate the shape of your foot

    • Our podiatrists will then manipulate your 3D scan with the Orthema software, utilizing their expert knowledge on the ideal foot position for optimal function, in combination with results from your biomechanical assessment, to create your custom made foot orthoses

  • Step 4: Orthotic Milling and Grinding

    • Milled both on site here at Your Podiatrist and via Orthema's base in QLD. Then the full grinding complete in our clinic, we have full control of how your devices are made!

  • Step 5: Orthotic dispense and fitting

  • Step 6: Review


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